The Ways Our Travel Program Supports Our Firm’s Success

The Ways Our Travel Program Supports Our Firm’s Success

Our generous travel program serves not only as proof of how well our company is doing, but trips also ensure Gourley Capital Management stays on the cutting edge of our field. Travel is an investment of time and money. However, we see a lavish return when it comes to our culture, team member growth, and our power to attract talented people to our team. Here’s how:

• Bonding Occurs Outside the Office: Whenever we spend time together away from Gourley Capital Management HQ, we get to know one another outside of our workplace titles. This creates stronger bonds within our team that encourage trust and friendship.

• Continual Learning Fuels Our Company’s Success: Whether cross-training at another office or attending a retreat in a tropical resort, we increase our industry knowledge and our confidence in ourselves. Not only does this help us, but the firm benefits from a well-informed and self-assured crew.

• Recruiting: Travel is a desirable perk for those savvy enough to know the value of next-level learning and a fresh perspective. Because we use trips as both rewards and teaching tools, we’re an even more attractive option for career-minded people.

Business trips use a lot of time and resources, but we know firsthand that the results are more than worth the effort. Find out where our team travels next by liking Gourley Capital Management on Facebook.