Use These Strategies to Start Your Day Right

Use These Strategies to Start Your Day Right

The first moments of every day have the potential to make or break the hours that follow. That’s why we maintain healthy and productive morning routines. These are some go-to Gourley Capital Management habits for the early hours:


  • Sleep Schedules: A restful night of sleep may not technically fit into the concept of a morning routine, but it directly impacts those waking hours. Before we settle in for the evening, we prepare our clothing and meals for the following day. We also avoid electronic devices before bed, because it leads to better rest.

  • Rising Bright and Early: Admittedly, this can be a challenge. We’ve discovered that it helps to place our alarms out of reach. We’re less likely to hit the snooze buttons this way, and they force us to get out of bed. Some of us even disable the snooze options entirely, which gets things started at the Gourley Capital Management office nice and early.

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise has been proven to increase energy, mood, and brain power. Brisk walks and runs, visits to the gym, and yoga classes are all effective options. Those of us who live close enough sometimes get their workouts in by bicycling to and from the workplace.


These strategies ensure that we get sufficient rest and rejuvenation so we can arrive at the office feeling productive. Follow Gourley Capital Management on [Twitter] for more productivity strategies.