Rest and Relaxation, Las Vegas Style

Rest and Relaxation, Las Vegas Style

Four select members of Team Gourley Capital Management recently headed to Las Vegas for our R&R event. Taylor Gourley, our firm’s CEO, explained that this annual excursion is always a great chance for top performers to re-energize before the holiday push.

The R&R event featured plenty of team activities and an award ceremony. Seeing talented people from across the country get rewarded for their hard work is an inspiring experience. The awards presented serve as reminders of just how much can be achieved in our industry with the right kind of work ethic and perseverance.

Having some time to reflect is another benefit of going on Gourley Capital Management travel incentives. The brand experts chosen for the Vegas R&R were able to think about how they’d like to improve during the rest of 2018 and which goals they want to achieve next year and beyond. Getting away from the demands of the workplace, especially to a vibrant city like Las Vegas, is the ideal way to let our minds run with future career possibilities.

Our people also grow closer through our travel events. When they get to explore a new place, our team members can go beyond their professional roles and learn more about each other’s positive traits. This typically leads to even stronger collaboration back at the office.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s R&R event. Follow Gourley Capital Management on Instagramfor updates on all our team excursions.