How and Why We Prioritize Our Company Culture

How and Why We Prioritize Our Company Culture

Our Gourley Capital Management office culture is more than just a concept; it’s one of our sharpest competitive edges. We make sure that our team members have every resource they need to thrive while also keeping everyone focused on achieving the same organizational objectives. This way we all can reach our own potential while working harmoniously with our peers.

“I’m really focused on creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere. I want our brand ambassadors to know that they are here to grow and develop into better people, and to learn how to support one another while doing so,” stated Taylor, Gourley Capital Management’s Director of Operations.

Taylor has several strategies for building this inspiring environment. For instance, we shine a proverbial spotlight on the team members who earn promotions. We also like to recognize those who are doing what it takes to move up in the company. When people are willing to take on more responsibilities or put in extra time and effort to learn new skills, we know they’re getting ready to advance in their careers. “It’s important to celebrate our victories – even the small ones. This keeps our routines from getting boring,” Taylor explained.

We’re also big on getting our branding experts together outside the workplace for team nights. Bowling, playing pool, going to sporting events, and volunteering at charitable functions are all fun ways for us to maintain our inspiring culture.

Our office environment is one of the pillars of our success. Learn more about our atmosphere of achievement by following Gourley Capital Management on Facebook.