New Leader Macoy Earns the Spotlight

New Leader Macoy Earns the Spotlight

A big congratulations to Macoy, the most recent Gourley Capital Management team member to earn his way to leadership promotion. Taylor Gourley, our firm’s CEO, explained that Macoy has a transferable skill set, great character, and a natural leadership mind-set.

One of the many ways Macoy sets a positive example is by establishing clear goals. By knowing exactly what he wants to accomplish, Macoy can measure his progress and make the necessary adjustments with confidence. This kind of focus has become a way of life around the Gourley Capital Management office, partly due to Macoy’s consistent success.

Macoy also makes himself a fine role model by constantly seeking knowledge. Even in his new role as a leader, we have no doubt that he’ll continue to ask questions and challenge himself to keep learning every day.

A positive attitude also helps Macoy stay on top of his many professional goals. He’s adept at making decisions without being bogged down by distractions. Macoy will excel as a leader because he’ll inspire his team members to continue their steady progress toward ambitious goals without wasting any time.

We’re excited to watch Macoy continue his leadership journey. In fact, it’s a privilege to showcase any one of our top talents as they advance to the next level. Follow Gourley Capital Management on Instagram for updates on Macoy and all our latest promotions.