We’re Growing Our Team – New Grads Are Welcome!

We’re Growing Our Team – New Grads Are Welcome!

Due to increased demand for our on-site marketing services, Gourley Capital Management is hiring! We’re looking for talented, ambitious men and women with a learner’s mind-set and a strong desire to succeed.

In fact, we’re especially interested in working with new college graduates. They have the growth-oriented mentality and determination to prove themselves, which makes for a successful team member. Grads often bring other attributes with them as well, such as knowledge of the latest communication tools being used. They are also used to thinking creatively and appreciate the innovative Gourley Capital Management culture we’ve built.

We can focus on hiring based more on soft skills than work history because of our thorough training program. We use one-to-one coaching, along with workshops and seminars that respect a diversity of learning styles, to ensure our people have access to all the knowledge required for success in our industry.

We’ve also taken the time to create clear career paths that show a new team member how to work his or her way from an entry-level position to upper management. This way, no time or energy is wasted wondering what the next step should be; we can put all our effort into doing what it takes to advance.

We’re a growing team that wants to invest in the success of our new hires. Like Gourley Capital Management on FacebooK to learn more about us and the positions available.