Giving Our Leadership the Spotlight

Giving Our Leadership the Spotlight

Recognition is an important part of our Gourley Capital Management operations strategy. We want to make sure that everyone on our team feels appreciated for their efforts, and we also want others to take note of success-producing behaviors and emulate them. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our most accomplished promotional specialists.

Taylor is the President of our company, but he hasn’t always held such a glamorous position. He worked in a grocery store while attending BYU, and worked his way through the ranks into management. He realized that he wasn’t passionate about this particular industry though, which (along with his father) inspired him to move into sales. From there, he eventually founded Gourley Capital Management.

As a manager, Taylor likes to focus on the personal development of his team members. It’s his goal to mold his brand ambassadors into the best people they can be. “It’s not about being a millionaire,” Taylor said. “It’s about the person you have to be to become that millionaire.”

One of his goals for the next year is to promote three of the firm’s leaders so that they run their own offices in different territories, thus expanding the company’s reach. Also, within the next five years, he would like to be a national consultant for other event-based marketing offices across the country.

Taylor inspires us to improve every day. To find out more about our team members, follow Gourley Capital Management on Facebook.