The Competitive Advantages of Our Travel Program

The Competitive Advantages of Our Travel Program

Our Gourley Capital Management travel program is one of our best development tools. Getting away from the office shakes up our daily habits, offering us fresh viewpoints and renewed vigor by which to work for our goals.

Taylor G., Gourley Capital Management’s Director of Operations, is in the process of arranging several trips for select team members. These excursions will serve as training opportunities that will provide brand ambassadors with chances to explore new markets together.

“My plan is to send out pairs with one practiced leader and one new team member,” Taylor stated. “I’ve observed that, after about a week, the novice comes back fully trained with more practical experience than he or she would have received by just working in the office.”

These short-term travel opps have even more benefits than we’ve already mentioned. For instance, being away from the routines of home for an extended period increases our resilience and confidence. We find reserves of strength and energy that make us even more effective when we return to HQ.

Creativity is also inspired by new settings. When we rethink the way we do things, we find new and exciting possibilities that shake up any preconceived notions by which we might have been operating.

Training, confidence, and creativity are just a few of the reasons we consider travel to be a wise investment in the development of our team members. Find out more about our commitment to personal and professional growth by checking out our Gourley Capital Management Newswire feed.